Special Report by Eric Kliebenstein, , President of Knights on Bikes

President of Knights on Bikes presented to the council:

Website: / 559-430-9102

As part of our community outreach the SoCal Knights on Bikes visits other

parishes and fundraising events. Our motorcycle ministry represents councils

Throughout the SoCal region (as I represent Council 3162).

We have multiple opportunities to connect with each other and possibly share

Faith and Ideas.

We are men of “Faith in Action”, who lead, serve, protect, defend, and pray.

Knights on Bikes is a Fraternal Organization

(We are NOT a motorcycle club)

We are Members of the Knights of Columbus that Ride Motorcycles (2-Wheeled or 3-Wheeled Trike Configuration)

We :

    * enjoy camaraderie with different brothers and all councils, spreading the faith and word of the Lord. 

    * assist the Catholic Church, any Knight, any individual, charity and the communities in which we live by our charitable work and leadership.

    * promote the spiritual needs of our Catholic Church, the Knights of Columbus and encourage, increase, and strengthen our Faith, fellowship and service. 

    * are at the service of the Bishops, Priests and Catholic Parishes.

    * Support numerous charities through Knights of Columbus fundraising events. 

Who Qualifies?

    * Any member of the Knights of Columbus in good standing throughout the world. 

    * Must own a motorcycle (of any kind) or anticipate owning a bike within 6 months. 

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