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UPDATED: July 2023: the new officers has been elected and are now posted on our website

Upcoming Officer Elections for 2023-2024 Below is a list of nominated officers for the upcoming elections for the 2023-2024 Council Year 2023-24 Council 3162 Slate of Officers Grand Knight – Rick Caron Deputy Grand Knight – Albert Cruz Chancellor – Donald Naffziger, PGK Recorder – Rick Lewis, PGK Warden – Tim Muleady Inside Guard –…

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Special Report by Eric Kliebenstein, , President of Knights on Bikes President of Knights on Bikes presented to the council: Website: / 559-430-9102 As part of our community outreach the SoCal Knights on Bikes visits other parishes and fundraising events. Our motorcycle ministry represents councils Throughout the SoCal region (as I represent Council 3162).…

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