Zelle Procedures

       Zelle works with banks across the U.S. so you can send and receive money in moment.  All you need is the recipient’s U.S. mobile number or email to send money directly to their checking account.

Your account information stays protected- you won’t see the other person’s bank account information, and they won’t see yours.

      To pay your council dues or make a donation electronically, you can send funds directly from your bank account to Council #3162. Here are the procedures:

  • Log into your bank account, look for “Send Money” tab or “Mobile or Online” tab or type in the search bar “Zelle Transactions”.
  • Follow the links to Zelle and create an account. When you are ready to send money, type in the council email kofc3162@gmail.com in the Recipient line and you should see “Knights Of Columbus (Council#3162)” appear.
  • Choose the Council icon, and the next page you will enter the amount of funds you want to send to the Council. It’s important to make sure the recipient’s information is correct because sending money to the wrong recipient could result in a loss of funds.
  • When you see the “Review and Send” page, please enter, in the “Reason” line, how you want the funds to be applied.
  • When you send funds, you and the Council will receive an email from Zelle confirming the transaction.
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